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ibodyWALK Situp with Upright Row (under construction)

From time to time I will place random video and image content while under construction. I am working hard to complete each of the 3 ibodyWALK focus areas. These of course will be in Health – Fitness & Sport, of which there will be many levels in order to accommodate the unlimited demographic I am seeking. If you have an area of interest you would like to request – please do 😉 And if you would like to contribute with me in areas of programming, product or future population groups that interest you – please do 😉 Maybe you want to be on the idea side, and that is of course welcomed – please do 😉

A sneak peak at some roughs below

This one is an image of a portion of a ibodyWALK Situp with Upright Rows work for the Heath,Fitness or Sport.

I took hundreds of images that I will cull through to incorporate in to the Heath – Fitness or Sports programing for all demographics – that will be the first in my industry this has been under taken.

Do you have interest in learning more about the launch or being included in many of our images or videos at ibodyWALK – then give me a shout…

Your Doctor, Physical Therapists, Coaches or Neighbors would no doubt want to learn more and that I would be happy to forward on to you.

First Position

Second Position

Third Position

ibodyWALK will benefit from the Health Technology Revolution


Be ready for Technology to continue to advance to connect, direct and provide desired outcomes in health and fitness intuitively( mindlessly ) virtually daily. All the tools including ibodyWALK will hope to utilize universally the pathway that our Technology leads… The larger problem will be as the ideas and real solutions come to market, almost instantly we will be bombarded with the next greatest technology to deliver results. Too many choices…

The Poles themselves and the modifications ( evolutionary advancements ) will occur in spite of the delivery tool which stimulates/triggers one to move, educates, motivates, monitors, rewards, etc. and then begins again… And that’s just for starters.

Great article with a company I hope collaborate in the near future –

Share your thoughts please… Or better yet join me and my work…

Kaiser Permanente recommends Walking…we will add ibodyWALK

With ibodyWALK everyone in every demographic will be able “Take Your Walking to the Next Level” This is an exciting time 😉 I like to say a; “I remember when walking was for only a few….”

This is a great video with a quick list of reasons to simply to Walk. I will be creating a video in time that expresses why putting  ibodyWALK in to your step every day is happily a priority.

Walking is a low-impact exercise accessible to just about everybody. It’s safe, simple, and doesn’t cost anything. George Halvorson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Permanente, explains the numerous health benefits of a regular walking regime: reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Physical activity need not be strenuous for an individual to reap significant health benefits; just 30 minutes a day (or two 15 minute sessions) of brisk walking will do the trick.

The beauty of adding the Poles and Stretch-cords to Walking are so numerous… They simply out number the reasons not get started today. When you can almost double the effect of regular walking, why would you wait…

Introduction to Walking

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