The Villages Lifelong Learning College Survey

Re-posting the Lifelong Learning College Survey in The Villages Florida in the ibodyWALK Facebook page today…

ibodyWALK survey in The Villages, Florida that was not published in the Daily Sun as anticipated. The purpose of the survey is to take your request and hold classes at the Lifelong Learning College in The Villages.

ibodyWALK training image 2

The Survey, I have been told will be in the paper this weeks or next. Would you please take notice each day as you read this great paper daily. When you find the survey, please share your thoughts, then call the phone number listed in the paper.

One more thing. Take a photo of the paper showing survey and send to me @ . I will post in Facebook

Below is the first announcement that I posted a few weeks back:



The Residents in The Villages, Florida will be excited to see that we are planning on adding an ibodyWALK class for all residents and non residents sometime after February. The first step is for you to go to the newspaper – the Daily Sun and look in the College Corner which is in Section C – Local during the week of Dec 13 – 19, 2015. You may have to look at Monday’s paper and each day this week to find the ibodyWALK survey in that section, as they did not know which day of the paper it would be published. Let them know that you would like to see the class offered. You are not signing up, simply sharing that you would like to attend class in the future ;). This will determine whether I will be able to offer the first class. With over 600 residents that have gone through the basic pole walking instruction with my early classes, I anticipate unanimous consent :). You may also call directly the Lifelong Learning College at 352-753-3035.

ibodyWALK training image 3

The Survey Section begins with:

Title: ibodyWalk – Takes Your Walking to the Next Level

Instructor: Terry Kennedy

Description:  Take your everyday walking to up to twice the calorie burning benefit by adding fitness poles and freehand or stretch-cord exercises.  Whether you are health challenged, a fitness beginner, or athletic looking to add a fun and easy cross-training activity, this program is good for health (mobility, stability and rehabilitation), fitness (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss), or sports (core, agility cross-training).
Any questions, reach out to me in the comment section of this post. Also make sure you visit the ibodyWALK Facebook Page, which can be

About ibodyWALK

“Take Your Walking to the Next Level” with “ibodyWALK” It’s EASY!! Fitness Poles + Freehand + Stretch-cord Exercises designed for 8 to 80 plus. Health Challenges – (mobility, stability, prescriptive and rehabilitation) Fitness Training – (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss) Sport X-Training – (core, agility, off-season) For 20 years now in the U.S.; Pole Walking, Nordic Walking or Fitness Walking which is the generic term describing a multitude of brand names (Google any generic to find a brand name). Most all brands have been well intended, yet without long-term participation and as such have gone virtually unnoticed for years. This I have discovered is primarily due to the focus on a limited participant demographic by an equally small number of active pole walking leaders. I commend their intentions. “ibodyWALK”tm products and programming will be a result of key partnerships (currently under development) which will bring a great deal of excitement and activity in the coming years. These partnerships include; Churches, schools, corporations, neighborhoods, active living communities, health and medical facilities in order to build on this unlimited venture. Consider partnering to “Take Your Walking to the Next Level."

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