Testing ibodyWALK Dive & Dash Concept in The Villages Florida

Testing ibodyWALK Dive & Dash Concept in The Villages Florida


Took a small group of active pole walking residents in The Villages Florida early summer 2015 to test an event concept. The event will lead to increases in daily pole walking and fitness aqua swim workouts.

The great news is was a clear success. It was Fun, it challenged Fitness, and best of it brought Friends together. We pole walked 6 miles and transitioned run or swim laps in 3 different pools inter-spaced on the route.


Initially the reason for this biathlon of sorts was to inspire other residents in The Villages to pole walk throughout the year, especially during to hotter temp. months. Walking for 15 – 30 minutes then cooling body temps by transitioning to a pool session for 15 – 30 minutes.

With over 70 pools and 100s of miles of multi-modality trail systems in this 35sq mi retirement community makes for a great success story.

Manatee Pool in The Villages July 2015

Come and join the wave and movement in this Dive & Dash. Will consider Pole manufacture partnerships as we grow.

Terry D Kennedy – ibodyWALK Founder

About ibodyWALK

“Take Your Walking to the Next Level” with “ibodyWALK” It’s EASY!! Fitness Poles + Freehand + Stretch-cord Exercises designed for 8 to 80 plus. Health Challenges – (mobility, stability, prescriptive and rehabilitation) Fitness Training – (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss) Sport X-Training – (core, agility, off-season) For 20 years now in the U.S.; Pole Walking, Nordic Walking or Fitness Walking which is the generic term describing a multitude of brand names (Google any generic to find a brand name). Most all brands have been well intended, yet without long-term participation and as such have gone virtually unnoticed for years. This I have discovered is primarily due to the focus on a limited participant demographic by an equally small number of active pole walking leaders. I commend their intentions. “ibodyWALK”tm products and programming will be a result of key partnerships (currently under development) which will bring a great deal of excitement and activity in the coming years. These partnerships include; Churches, schools, corporations, neighborhoods, active living communities, health and medical facilities in order to build on this unlimited venture. Consider partnering to “Take Your Walking to the Next Level."

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