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red white blue with ibodywalk tm 4200 x 1100 aprox

What happened before my one minute pitch during the Shark Tank interview for the show was clear to me that we are on track to break the stereotype that most think of when they see someone walking with poles. The change is here to overcome the stereotype whether you walk or do not with poles. There is so much more and with that the rising tide of participation in the U.S. raises all ships 😉

I presented to a seasoned Fitness Professional who saw these images above before I pitched my ideas. He said; “no need to say anything, I get it, in fact I see poles out here in Santa Monica, California a lot. Really was not attracted to doing it myself, as I am a runner. Yet these images add something that gives me more and opens up to doing it with others anywhere….”

If you have an opinion, of course give me what you like and do not like, or what you hope for to grow ibodyWALK…

Reviewing a few branding options in the header and this post – Which one do you like, or not. If you have an idea for one, please send it to my email at tkennedy@ibodywalk.com

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About ibodyWALK

“Take Your Walking to the Next Level” with “ibodyWALK” It’s EASY!! Fitness Poles + Freehand + Stretch-cord Exercises designed for 8 to 80 plus. Health Challenges – (mobility, stability, prescriptive and rehabilitation) Fitness Training – (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss) Sport X-Training – (core, agility, off-season) For 20 years now in the U.S.; Pole Walking, Nordic Walking or Fitness Walking which is the generic term describing a multitude of brand names (Google any generic to find a brand name). Most all brands have been well intended, yet without long-term participation and as such have gone virtually unnoticed for years. This I have discovered is primarily due to the focus on a limited participant demographic by an equally small number of active pole walking leaders. I commend their intentions. “ibodyWALK”tm products and programming will be a result of key partnerships (currently under development) which will bring a great deal of excitement and activity in the coming years. These partnerships include; Churches, schools, corporations, neighborhoods, active living communities, health and medical facilities in order to build on this unlimited venture. Consider partnering to “Take Your Walking to the Next Level."

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  1. I “get” the concept, and see the relevance of the product in the marketplace. I don’t, however, have a positive reaction to the branding and imagery. It lacks a freshness. It seems vintage and dated. And as much as I understand the reasoning for red, white, and blue – these are not good colors for this (my opinion only). The goal isn’t to spell out everything the product can do, but to entice the viewer to want to see more…..


    • Andrea – Fantastic – Thank You and Thank You – If you time permits please join in the process further as you are absolutely correct in your observations – 2 key points were drawn attention to – Color and Imagetry. The Logo will be derived from this very process and is something very different than what you see here. The images are for now to do what they have with everyone who has seen them and spoken to me. The header image collection is really to help those that see them to create a collection of emotions that are different than the demographic audience of Nordic Walkers, Pole Walkers as a generic or a branded group, such as Exerstriding or Urban Poling.

      Yes the color red white and blue is not even a possibility in the final image – very patriotic ;). The Red White and Blue colors would create another impulse that does not speak to what ibodyWALK is, does or for whom will participate.

      Andrea if your game or there are no conflicts of interest in this work, please stay involved, join the team of creators as we roll out soon.

      lastly if you have not joined the Facebook page or Twitter and participate already in one or both of those site, please join me…


      • No conflicts, and delighted to help. I believe we are also connected on LinkedIn. I’ll jump over to Facebook and join the discussion….



  2. Yes now I recall, I am in Atlanta… You have Jeff Galloway as a connection I believe. We have both been in the business of fitness – specifically running for many years, though my work was in all 3 sports / run bike swim.

    This work ( ibodyWALK ) that I am passionate about is moving forward nicely, and with confident peer support over the past several years that required my earlier work with Balance Walking to deviate…. The work in The Villages, Fl and the Prevention Publisher study has identified as suspected the much broader scope of benefits to unlimited demographics ….

    Thx for any uplift you echo 😉


    • Yup, all correct. I also have a fair piece of exec level sales, marketing and advertising experience… Hope I can assist.


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