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Always like to add activity that can inspire because it’s simply easy to learn and do… Click here to go to my Facebook Page and watch the video of the –Easy to Learn, Easy to Do Exercises

IbodyWALK continues with instruction in The Villages, Florida

Yes this Pole Walking group is looking great… I recognize 4 of the ladies…

Near to 600 went through the instruction and garnered poles through one on one instruction when I – Terry Kennedy…  Had hoped to get down to The Villages this past month to help “Take their Walking to the Next Level” with the continued ibodyWALK programing and strength cord training… This is fantastic way to multiple the positive results of pole walking by adding the muscle specific cord training… Each walker will carry their gym unobtrusively with them… Love it 😉

Currently I am waiting on ibodyWALK Pole/Cord delivery to come soon… We will provide Poles with the Stretch Cords enclosed in the shaft of the poles for easy use and storage for those ready at that level.  And a fanny pack with the beginner stretch (strength) cords for many who have lower levels of strength. This beginner group will remove the cords from their fanny pack and attach to there own poles very easily. For this beginner group, the great news is it matters not which type of pole you use for your daily walking.

Make sure you stay in touch with one of the many social media sites, Facebook and newspaper in The Villages – The Daily Sun as the announcement of first session will come soon. You can also email me at or call 770-653-5995 if you want to be added to the announcement list.


IbodyWALK continues to grow interest

ibodyWALK  will “Take their walking to the Next Level” in upcoming months in The Villages, Florida.



Front Squat

Front Squat

Main muscles worked:
– Quadriceps
– Gluteals

Other muscles worked:
– Erector Spinae
– Piriformis
– Adductors
– Psoas Major
– Hamstrings
– Soleus
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and Walking Poles with attached Strength Cords (WP/SC) at chest level. Flex the knees, making sure to keep the heels flat on the floor. Push the bottom outwards and keep the back straight and head up. Flex to roughly 90 degrees at the knee, controlling the movement eccentrically. Extend at the knees, and return to start position.


Suggested Rehabilitation Uses:
– Knee rehabilitation
– Hip strengthening
– Back rehabilitation
– Core stabilization


Click Here to access this and other ibodyWALK video on You Tube.


Click Here to access this and other ibodyWALK video on You Tube.

Rear Lunge

Rear Lunge

Main muscles worked:
– Quadriceps
– Gluteals

Other muscles worked:
– Adductors
– Hamstrings
– Internal and External Oblique
– Erector Spinae
– Gastroc / Soleus

Stand with feet a few inches apart and Walking Poles with attached Strength Cords (WP/SC) resting on the chest. Step one leg back and flex the knees until the back leg almost reaches the floor. Ensure that the front knee remains behind the toes and the upper body is in neutral. The most advance method is to alternate each leg after each rep.

Suggested Rehabilitation Uses:
– Glute strengthening
– Back rehabilitation
– Knee rehabilitation
– Quadricep strengthening
– Hamstring strengthening
– Ankle rehab


Click Here to access this and other ibodyWALK video on You Tube.

Click Here to access this and other ibodyWALK video on You Tube.





The Villages Lifelong Learning College Survey

Re-posting the Lifelong Learning College Survey in The Villages Florida in the ibodyWALK Facebook page today…

ibodyWALK survey in The Villages, Florida that was not published in the Daily Sun as anticipated. The purpose of the survey is to take your request and hold classes at the Lifelong Learning College in The Villages.

ibodyWALK training image 2

The Survey, I have been told will be in the paper this weeks or next. Would you please take notice each day as you read this great paper daily. When you find the survey, please share your thoughts, then call the phone number listed in the paper.

One more thing. Take a photo of the paper showing survey and send to me @ . I will post in Facebook

Below is the first announcement that I posted a few weeks back:



The Residents in The Villages, Florida will be excited to see that we are planning on adding an ibodyWALK class for all residents and non residents sometime after February. The first step is for you to go to the newspaper – the Daily Sun and look in the College Corner which is in Section C – Local during the week of Dec 13 – 19, 2015. You may have to look at Monday’s paper and each day this week to find the ibodyWALK survey in that section, as they did not know which day of the paper it would be published. Let them know that you would like to see the class offered. You are not signing up, simply sharing that you would like to attend class in the future ;). This will determine whether I will be able to offer the first class. With over 600 residents that have gone through the basic pole walking instruction with my early classes, I anticipate unanimous consent :). You may also call directly the Lifelong Learning College at 352-753-3035.

ibodyWALK training image 3

The Survey Section begins with:

Title: ibodyWalk – Takes Your Walking to the Next Level

Instructor: Terry Kennedy

Description:  Take your everyday walking to up to twice the calorie burning benefit by adding fitness poles and freehand or stretch-cord exercises.  Whether you are health challenged, a fitness beginner, or athletic looking to add a fun and easy cross-training activity, this program is good for health (mobility, stability and rehabilitation), fitness (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss), or sports (core, agility cross-training).
Any questions, reach out to me in the comment section of this post. Also make sure you visit the ibodyWALK Facebook Page, which can be

Testing ibodyWALK Dive & Dash Concept in The Villages Florida

Testing ibodyWALK Dive & Dash Concept in The Villages Florida


Took a small group of active pole walking residents in The Villages Florida early summer 2015 to test an event concept. The event will lead to increases in daily pole walking and fitness aqua swim workouts.

The great news is was a clear success. It was Fun, it challenged Fitness, and best of it brought Friends together. We pole walked 6 miles and transitioned run or swim laps in 3 different pools inter-spaced on the route.


Initially the reason for this biathlon of sorts was to inspire other residents in The Villages to pole walk throughout the year, especially during to hotter temp. months. Walking for 15 – 30 minutes then cooling body temps by transitioning to a pool session for 15 – 30 minutes.

With over 70 pools and 100s of miles of multi-modality trail systems in this 35sq mi retirement community makes for a great success story.

Manatee Pool in The Villages July 2015

Come and join the wave and movement in this Dive & Dash. Will consider Pole manufacture partnerships as we grow.

Terry D Kennedy – ibodyWALK Founder

Sit up with Upright Row (fitness series sample)

Sit up and Upright Rows

Sit up and Upright Rows

ibodyWALK 2015 Press Release

Contact Information:

Terry D Kennedy / Founder
Marietta, Ga. 30067
Office 770-653-5995 — —  ibodyWALKLinkedInFacebookTwitter

ibodyWALK announces the New Poles & Program



The Villages, Florida – ibodyWALK is excited to announce the prelaunch to continue with free training sessions that introduce ibodyWALK to the residents’ and promises to “Takes Your Walking to the Next Level”. In early 2014 the need to reintroduce Pole Walking to the U.S. with a name that made visual sense has led Terry D Kennedy the Founder to the ibodyWALK branding. Think about Walking with the addition of easy to use equipment (a set of walking poles and the strength/stretch cords that retract for storage in to the poles or a fanny pack), and the programming that will cover specific participant technical needs, whether that be for improving ones health, fitness or sports. Until now there has been limited public awareness and participation in the U.S. for pole walking which he determined needed several evidence-based initiatives to succeed.


Style: "Oma peruskontrasti" IMG_3681


Kennedy of IbodyWALK had previously invested several years with the Foot Solutions franchise which sold the Balance Walking pole brand. During this time he successfully led the Pole Walking Prevention Magazine Publisher study, by recruiting, educating and introducing virtual coaching in an eight week study resulting in the sale of 1000s of walking poles. At the same time he initiated an independent research study at Kennesaw State University / Balance Walking Increases the Physiological Responses to Walking. This research was published as it concluded key benefits; one of which was, that with the addition of walking poles, higher levels of conditioning over regular walking at same pace will be an outcome. These initiatives; and the walking pole partnership with Gymstick (located in Finland), and the patented pole design, will further ibodyWALKs’ Pole and Program success.


Balance Beauties (2)



The journey and free introduction of Pole Walking to the residents’ in The Villages, under the brand Balance Walking began at the end of January thru May 2013 and grew from 30 to 500 residents walking with poles. That growth can be attributed to The Villages Recreation Department announcements and articles in The Villages Daily Sun Newspaper. To direct others in meeting other walkers Terry created the Walking Neighbor Directory. That has led to many groups, one of which was named the “Wacky Walkers”. To date the growing interest in health and fitness has made ibodyWALK a natural fit to meet demand for the wellness walking trend. He believes all that keeps the body in motion throughout ones day is paramount “Take Your Walking to the Next Level” with ibodyWALK.

100s have shared comments like these; using the poles and cords has improved my endurance, feels less strenuous than other cardio workouts, I feel more muscles working comfortably harder and, therefore, burn more calories, the poles absorb shock to my feet, knees, hips and back.
It’s EASY!! Fitness Poles + Freehand + Stretch-cord Exercises designed for 8 to 80 plus.

Health Challenges – (mobility, stability, prescriptive and rehabilitation)

Fitness Training – (cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss)

Sport X-Training – (core, agility, off-season)

Your Dog Loves ibodyWALK


Getting an hour and a half in with “Drake our Portuguese Water Dog” at Sumter Landing before the 2nd ibodyWALK training session with those in The Villages today at 11:30. Will be doing another session on Wednesday at 9am because of the many emails and calls…

Looking forward to winter/spring sessions… Make sure you email or call to reserve your spot.

Wacky Way to Walk n The Villages Florida

The Wacky Walkers is one of many in The Villages Florida taking advantage of all the benefits that come with using the Poles.

The Wacky Walkers is one of many in The Villages Florida taking advantage of all the benefits that come with using the Poles.


No matter what we call this NEw wAY To wALk, we would all agree that we want the benefits ( the biggy is near to double the calorie burn followed by a dozen more ) which is reason enough to add poles and strength cords to any ordinary walking routine. There are many types of walking poles that are specific to who, where and why you are wanting to use the poles.


After leading 100s through basic Pole Walking instruction; then introducing the “Walking Neighbor Directory” in The Villages Florida, I was confident they were well on their way to developing another healthy habit in community, which increases their success. Some of these walking groups even come up with crazy names for their group; one of which is the Wacky Walkers. The Wacky Walkers is one of many groups that get together regularly and walk with or without poles.


Having said that; it was great to read an article I received a few days ago in The Villages Daily Sun Nov. 26th (which by the way, happens to be the greatest retirement community on the planet). The timing of this article also coincides with my family visiting The Villages between Christmas and New Years… And yes I will meet with as many of the 600 who I have given instruction and poles to over last year.  Even those that have never used poles and do not own poles – we have you covered. All you need to do is reach out to me for the Dec 28 – Jan 2 2015 daily walking sessions. Will need to reach to me via Facebook.


IbodyWALK all walkers invited Dec 28 - Jan 2

IbodyWALK all walkers invited Dec 28 – Jan 2

The photo at top labeled, ” Let’s Go… Pole Walking” is one of the many neighborhood groups… This one meets 3 times per week for 3 miles… They have named themselves the Wacky Walkers – being led by Shirley Halloran and Barb Miller… So come join me, Let’s Go . Send this website link announcement to anyone you may know in The Villages… Even 1st time Pole Walkers as I said earlier can use the loaner poles I will procure.

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